Ratchet Straps for Ohenry Tents

0 Ratchet Straps for Ohenry TentsHow to use ratchets on your Ohenry tent

Party tents, pole tents, and frame tents from America’s leading manufacturer for the tent rental and party tent rental industry.

Tent by Ohenry are made for the abuse of the party tent rental industry. Ohenry has party tents for sale which are built with top quality American made vinyl. Ohenry pole tents & frame tents are kept in stock! Ohenry Tents are heavy duty commercial tents which are designed for tent rentals.

3859 Chapel Hill Rd. Waco, Texas 76705
Website: Ohenrytents.com
Email: sales@ohenrytents.com

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What supplies should i keep in an offroad vehicle?

what kind of tools and supplies should i keep with me while off roading? i will be installing a compressor some time soon, what other necessities?
i never go alone, i either take a few people or with other vehicles

A short handled shovel or two is very handy.One of the best things(besides a winch)is a high lift jack.They can be used to jack your 4×4 up to fill in a hole your tires are stuck in.Another trick we use it for is too jack the vehicle up very high then shove it sideways off the jack.It will land on high ground instead of the hole the wheels were buried in.Also a long tow strap is good to have.

Can I safely transport a 5′ x 2′ countertop in my pickup bed?

I’d be taking it two miles on well paved roads, but I don’t have an a-frame. My plan is to put two pieces of scrap plywood in the bed, braced against the sides and leaving only enough room in the middle for the thickness of the countertop. I would stand the countertop up in the bed on its edge, connect a c-clamp to the center of it with plywood cushions on both sides of the granite, and run four Ratchet Straps from the corners of the bed up to the c-clamp. Would that brace it well or is there some force I’m not thinking about that might break it?

And no, the store doesn’t deliver.

5 by 2 is relatively small. And if there are no sink cutout holes in it then there are no weak spots. Here’s how I would move it:

Get a 2 inch thick foam panel (comes in 4′ by 8′). Cut it to fit the bed of the pickup. On top of that I’d lay a 3/4 inch plywood support (for putting the slab into and out of the truck – and for carrying it into the house). I’d lay the slab on top of the plywood and strap it down using ratcheting tie-down straps to prevent it from shifting around.

Then take it home.

Is all that necessary? Probably not. But still, I wouldn’t want to risk my money. Besides, laying it strapped to a 3/4 plywood panel (that fits the bed and is just about the same size as the slab, but with handle holes for easy lifting) will make handling the slab a whole lot easier.